Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hello Again

WOW, I have not blogged on here for a long long time. So, what's new?

Not much, just same old, except I am not pregnant anymore, my daughter is almost 10 months old!! WOAH, that means I have not blogged for 10 months. And it was such good therapy, surprised I stopped for so long.

The lil miss is doing great, no teeth yet, and trying to talk and walk. She can say MORE, and the M for MILK. We have taught her baby sign so she can sign those things as well. I am wondering though, if this is a bad sign that her first word is MORE? Usually it is baby, or something like that. It just reminds me of this consumable world we live in, everyone wants more of something. AND, what my husband and I are trying to do is to raise a daughter who can NOT be like that, but instead want to please GOD more than others, more than society.

On, the side, I am a photographer now...weddings, maternity, children, families, you name it I am there. I love it, its my passion. To top that off, I have just started a photography club with some friends, and I am hoping it grows! We just met for the first time this past Sunday and made the theme, "City Life", which the location we were out was a city. We had a blast, regardless of the rain.

Anywho...I am going to leave you with a picture from my photography club, one that I took...or wait, maybe I should leave you one of my daughter. Yeah, I will do that, since you all had to look at my pregnant belly, you probably want to see what was on the inside! Welp, here she is! TAAA DAAAA! :)(PS: Yes, she is a diva. Oh, and follow my photography group's blog